Who we are

EnhancMed is the first Bulgarian Medical Club for young doctors, medical students and scientists focused on healthcare innovations and entrepreneurship!

We are a small group of enthusiast committed to transforming healthcare in Bulgaria through innovations and entrepreneurship.  With the current healthcare in Bulgaria that is facing unprecedented challenges, we think that elevating the real potential and talents within the young medical doctors, scientists and medical students will be key to driving radical change in Bulgarian Healthcare. See our Team

What we do

Our mission is to:

Support and create the next generation of medical entrepreneurs in Bulgaria with the vision, network and opportunities to lead innovative improvement in our healthcare and science.


We motivate young healthcare professionals and students to think differently and to implement science, innovation and entrepreneurship to their work. We are trying to create a network of members who want to learn and grow faster. We enhance members with a scientific and entrepreneurial journey that can get access to exciting opportunities.

How you can become a member

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We welcome all young and motivated innovators and entrepreneurs focused on healthcare.

If you are interested in joining the team of EnhancMed please e-mail info@enhancmed.com


Our Story

One of the founders of EnhnacMed is Ivan Lyutakov, who is a gastroenterologist in Sofia. In 2014 he started his first start-up project during his involvement in the first season of “Pre-Accelerator” program of Start It Smart. The project was focused on developing electronic healthcare record. The project started very well with expanding the team members with front-end and back-end developers, even will one money price from Ashoka in Berlin. With the time goes the development process of the start-up was very long and eventually the project became a fail. One of the reasons was that was not enough experienced medical entrepreneurs in the team and the medical ecosystem was not ready for eHealth projects in Bulgaria.

Now, Ivan Lyutakov is one of the founders of the new project EnhancMed. The idea is to create a community and medical club that can connect doctors interested in science, technology and entrepreneurship. EnhancMed is trying to help members get actively involved and start their entrepreneurial journey in Bulgarian healthcare system. We are trying to run different events and courses to enhance this idea and to elevate the healthcare in our country.